Month: October 2017

Jang “MC” Min-Chul posted an autobiography of sorts on Inven. It covers the period of when he decided he wanted to become a pro to eventually achieving that dream at 18. For those who do not know, MC started his esports career as a Brood War player. He never found success there and became one […]
Sadly, Slingshot will cease operations effective tomorrow, Oct. 31, 2017. We launched Slingshot because we wanted to do great esports journalism. I think under editor Vince Nairn’s leadership, we did produce great work. We didn’t fail in this regard and I owe debt of gratitude to all of the writers and contributors who worked with […]
Before EPICENTER started, I referred to it as the “Champion of Champions” tournament. Seven of the best teams in the world (and Virtus.Pro) had congregated into a killer eight team tournament. Even among that field, FaZe Clan stood out as a favorite; FaZe had won ESL New York and the ELEAGUE CS:GO Premier in dominant […]
The next stop in the Dota 2 circuit is the Dota PIT League LAN Finals this weekend. Held in Croatia, we will see the official debut of the equally lauded and reviled OG. OG was the most consistent Dota 2 team from the 2016-2017 circuit and is most well known for winning both of the […]
Before the Major started, I called ESL One Hamburg a harbinger of a new age. It represented IceFrog’s own belief in the constant evolution of Dota 2 itself. Change is inevitable, and it was brought forth in this tournament. This was the first new Major of the circuit and with it came new memes, new […]
In Group B of BlizzCon over the weekend, we had a group with soO, Rogue, Neeb, and Nerchio. For now I will focus on three particular matchups: Rogue vs Neeb round 1, soO vs Neeb, and Rogue vs Neeb round 2. I’ve watched Neeb’s career since when he debuted as a Terran player. There is an obvious […]
North American Counter-Strike team Rogue has benched Josh “shinobi” Abastado for the remainder of the ESL Pro League season, according to multiple sources. Shawn “witmer” Taylor, a former member of the core lineup, will stand in for shinobi. Witmer was the only option for Rogue, which already used both of its allotted roster moves for […]
Here’s the DeKay Final Five from a wild week that was EPICENTER 2017. is back, again is one of the most preposterous and confusing Counter-Strike teams in history. The four year old lineup has been through hell and back multiple times. Almost every player has tried every role on the team, other than […]
The recent Evelynn rework is still not balanced, apparently, as more buffs were added Thursday to League of Legends’ Public Beta Environment. The passive cooldown (which takes her out of camouflage) when she takes damage was reduced from four seconds to 1.5. That gives Evelynn’s opponents a shorter time frame to pursue her before she goes […]
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