'Lost for words for once': Some fans react to Bielsa's comment on Leeds player

'Lost for words for once': Some fans react to Bielsa's comment on Leeds player – originally posted on Sportslens.com
Leeds United boss Marcelo Bielsa seems to have angered some fans with his latest comments on Jean Kevin Augustin and Patrick Bamford.
Ahead of Leeds’ Championship clash against Nottingham Forest, Bielsa shared his thoughts on both the players.
The Whites signed Augustin in the January transfer window on loan from RB Leipzig but he is yet to play for the Yorkshire club.
Bielsa has praised him heavily, but has also insisted that Augustin is not yet ready to start for Leeds.

The Argentine has defended Patrick Bamford who has come under intense criticism from the fans following his poor performance against Wigan in the previous match.
Bamford has scored 12 times for Leeds but he has wasted a lot of chances as well. In fact, he frustrates more than he appeases.
The former Chelsea striker is an important player for Bielsa but he is gradually losing the support of the Leeds fans.
Many Leeds fans feel that Bielsa is just using Augustin’s fitness as an excuse to stick with Bamford. Here are some of the selected tweets:

That statement is quite staggering. Lost for words for once.
— Mike Whorley (@mikewhorley) February 6, 2020

Sounds like the season will be over by the time he 'gets up to speed'.
— Chris (@Chris_CD2010) February 6, 2020

Bielsa and his stubbornness will cost Leeds again.
— Dazza (@DazScott1) February 6, 2020

Bielsa will cost us promotion because he's a stubborn git who never rotates his squad or tries anything new. We've been flogging a dead horse since Christmas.
— Maxwello (@maxwellobielsa) February 6, 2020

12 times with worst conversion rate in league. You’d think Bielsa would know that. 2 pens and 8 tap ins
— LufcSS (@LufcAlaw) February 6, 2020

And any decent striker who can actually finish would probably be on 25 goals
— Bobby (@LUFCBobby) February 6, 2020

I swear Bamford must have Bielsa's wife locked away in a basement.
How else does a world class coach rate such a donkey so much?
— Hendo (@HendoLJ) February 6, 2020

He should have scored 20+ with the amount of chances he’s missed tho, that’s his game scoring goals!!!
— Dylan Turner (@dylanturner58) February 6, 2020

So he can't do a 20 minute cameo? What a joke.
— Craig Bagnall (@camchesie) February 6, 2020

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