'Make me sick': Many Leeds fans find 'hard to believe' what Bielsa has just said

'Make me sick': Many Leeds fans find 'hard to believe' what Bielsa has just said – originally posted on Sportslens.com
Leeds suffered a big blow in the race for automatic promotion when they lost 1-0 against Wigan Athletic at Elland Road last week.
The Whites have managed just one win in their last six games in all competitions. More than the result, it was the manner of the defeat that left many fans frustrated.
Leeds, once again, created loads of opportunities, but failed to take their chances. It is a common trend Leeds have picked up under Marcelo Bielsa, and probably this time it has gone way too far.
The Whites will travel to City Ground to face Nottingham Forest in the Championship on Saturday.

Leeds fans adore Bielsa, but he is not above criticism. Many fans have criticised him for being stubborn, especially with his team selection.
Ahead of the match, Bielsa said in his press conference that his team needs the confidence of the fans, adding people on the outside of the club are losing faith in the team.
Leeds fans are known to be very passionate about their club, players, and manager. However, the latest comment from Bielsa didn’t go well with many fans. Here are some of the selected tweets:

It’s hard to believe when we follow the same pattern every year and don’t address it. We’d be much better if Roofe/Jansson we’re still here in my opinion.
— Le Shift (@BatesyV3) February 6, 2020

Make me sick that he feels this way. Greatest Manager Leeds have had for a long time. Some fans have no clue.
— Kishan Patel (@05patelk) February 6, 2020

Twitter bell ends getting to him and the players, ridiculous, been a ST holder for over 20 years, do we reallyvwmatvto go back to 17k attendances and shite Warnock type managers and journeymen players? That's what will happen long term 100% if we hound out managers and owners
— Ed (@NuttallEdward) February 6, 2020

Some people are realistic & make fair comments. These people are classed as 'losing faith'. Some people see everything through Leeds tinted glasses, ignore logic, over hype everything. Those are seen as 'keeping faith'… Frustrating that realistic fans aren't allowed an opinion
— Greg Smith (@GregSmith88) February 6, 2020

I don’t think that’s surprising given our abysmal form and particularly after last season’s implosion!
— WeAllLoveLeeds (@AllLoveLeeds) February 6, 2020

Leeds are second in the Championship with just one point behind West Brom, but Fulham and Forest have done well to close the gap with the Whites to three and four points respectively.
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