'The world has gone mad': Latest update on 23 y/o int'l has got many THFC fans talking

'The world has gone mad': Latest update on 23 y/o int'l has got many THFC fans talking – originally posted on Sportslens.com
According to reports from the Daily Mail, Tottenham Hotspur midfielder Dele Alli is facing a ban after he made a joke about the coronavirus outbreak.
The 23-year-old posted a video on his private Snapchat account, which can only be accessed by people he has verified.
However, the video in question was criticised by Football Against Racism in Europe executive director Piara Powar. He said on Monday night: ‘At the very least it’s a deeply insensitive joke. The FA are right to investigate and potentially take action.’
Alli posted the private video on Saturday. It showed a man of Asian descent alongside the caption: ‘Corona whatttttt, please listen with volume.’

In another Snapchat story, the midfielder wears a mask while appearing to feign concern. He then shows a bottle of handwash, accompanied by the caption: ‘This virus gunna have to be quicker than that to catch me.’
Alli has already said sorry and on Sunday posted a second video of apology on Chinese social media site Weibo.
However, the report claims that The FA have written to Alli asking for his observations. The England international is also set to be reprimanded by his club when he returns to training on Wednesday.
He is now facing a ban from the FA, and many Spurs fans feel that it is not a serious offence. However, there are other fans who feel Alli deserves punishment for his act.

Knowing that it’s our club wouldn’t be surprised if they suspend him for the rest of the season
— Ethan (@EthanCOYS) February 10, 2020

I'm not going to blame him, I blame the society for being too sensitive and his stupid friend for leaking it
— The Duke of Ekpoma (@dayvid_d_taylor) February 10, 2020

I really love him, and we need him. But he deserves to be punished. He is no longer a young player. He should be held responsible for his misbehavior.
— clairdelune (@nUFuy4SBPVBg0f4) February 10, 2020

Something I don’t agree with the guy made a joke man not even that deep
— 12 (@conkhailou12) February 10, 2020

Deserved, he should grow up
— Name cannot be blank (@________78____) February 10, 2020

Is this not something for the club, being his employer, to address / punish? Being nothing to do with football where do the FA even come into it?
Fine him. Public apology (which he already did). End of.
— The Mockers (@MarkBennett81) February 10, 2020

Potential blow for Spurs? 
Alli is a key player for Spurs and it remains to be seen whether he gets any match-ban or not from the FA.
Jose Mourinho will be furious if Alli is suspended for one or two games for making a puerile joke. Having said that, a professional footballer needs to be aware of what needs to be posted on the social platform.
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